The Real Impact of People Problems at Work

Over 80% of business leaders we surveyed reported that the following issues were present in their organisations:

  • Conflict between teams
  • Poor listening
  • Distraction from core purpose or focus
  • Dissatisfactory meetings and conversations

A similar proportion agreed that these issues had a noticeable, significant or severe impact on their teams’ productivity, innovation and collaboration.

When you stop and think about it, these numbers are staggering. They mean that eight in every 10 companies in the UK and US are underperforming because of communication related issues. That’s 80% of companies who could be growing faster, becoming more profitable and contributing more to the economy, if only they could deal with these issues effectively. 

Business leaders aren’t deaf to these issues. 82% of respondents in our survey said that addressing these issues was either very important or critically important and 92.5% are actively seeking solutions.

In the knowledge worker space, it’s not a massive shock that people problems are the most common source of downward pressure on a company’s performance. It’s no surprise that companies plough resources into trying to fix them. What was surprising to us was how ineffective most of the “solutions” available in the market today actually are.

Common issues included:

  • Prohibitive cost
  • Lack of practicality
  • Difficulty in implementation
  • Narrow deployment

We already knew there was an effective way to deal with these issues. It’s one we’d worked to develop and roll out in our own business. Seeing the scale of the problems and their impact inspired us to share our tools with the rest of the world and Better Conversations was born. Find out more>>

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