Better Conversations Program

About the Program

This online live interactive program will help you take your communication and conversational skills to the next level, so you can lead and manage your business, team and projects in a sustainable way with empathy and confidence. You’ll learn new approaches and how to foster your own sustainable communication style even in challenging situations.

The program combines both theory and supported practice sessions, so you can start to use and implement your new skills immediately. Although the program is based on developing better communication in the workplace, the tools and techniques will also equip you with new skills that benefit your personal and home life too.

The program is based on leading-edge thinking and research from the latest in neuroscience, stress management and adult learning principles.

Who is the Program For?

  • Do you lead people, projects or a business?

  • Are you losing sleep feeling troubled by your people problems or how to resolve conflicts?

  • Would you like to free yourself from the confines of poor communication?

  • Are you fed up with facing frustration meetings and projects that are failing to deliver?

  • Do you want to listen and communicate better?

If yes to any of these, then the Better Conversations program can help.

Take the next step towards ending your communication headaches

Join from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office, the program is delivered online by one of our digital learning experts.

What You Will Learn on the Program

  • When and how to stop conflict and communication breakdowns before they begin

  • Why how you feel is the foundation to how communications play out

  • How to listen and what to listen for during a conversation

  • Where common conversational pitfalls happen and what to do and say instead

  • How to have healthier more connected conversations from the get go

Two Program Options Available

Fast Track Program

5 Session Option

Intensive Program

12 Session Option

What To Expect

Modular format

1 hour sessions

Course materials


Supported practice

Inclusive, accessible & friendly

Key Benefits

Eliminate frustrating conversations

Discover easy approaches to achieve more in meetings and conversations

  • Learn the three part secret to difficult conversations that can bring clarity and understanding to the toughest of situations
  • Uncover the small things that make a big impact on conversational outcomes
  • Understand the quickest and most pain-free way to improve your communication

Stop conflict and communication breakdowns before they begin

Learn how to diffuse tension and have productive conversations

  • Master the number one thing that stops contempt in it’s tracks
  • Discover the key that reveals where miscommunications originate

Deal with distraction and act with purpose

Dial down the drama and regain attention for what’s really important

  • Gain powerful tools you can use everyday to overcome poor listening, misunderstandings and frustrating interactions
  • Learn simple techniques to keep you at your best in every conversation and meeting

What you need

  • A computer with a camera
  • A headset or headphones
  • An internet connection
  • A quiet space where you’re won’t be disturbed or interrupted (if possible)
  • Access to your preferred way to take notes


MD, Creative Services, UK

All the insights I gained were startling unexpected and simple. I could put them into practice immediately, so started to see a difference in my communication before the program was finished.
A tough conversation I was dreading and putting off, but by using what I’d learned it went better than I’d ever imagined.


MD, Software Company, UK

Learning to question my own assumptions was really valuable, as was learning to really understand what’s going on in a situation, before you start to make judgements as to who is right and who’s wrong.


Project Lead, Healthcare Provider, UK

The best ever online program I’ve ever attended and as a L&D professional I’ve been on a lot!
It was genuinely fantastic.
Everything you did kept me and the team engaged. I came away with loads of transferable life skills that are really helpful in work and home life.


Neurodiversity Consultant, UK

It’s enlightening, easy to follow, simple yet impactful handouts and beautifully and clearly facilitated. I believe as leaders we all think we can communicate well, yet a refresher and a little reflection ensures we do not become complacent with our communication, and therefore we become enriched in our conversations.


Senior VP, Head of Agile Coaching, Banking, USA

In this fast paced world we’re living in, we don’t always get time to think and time to reflect and be curious. The Better Conversations program can help leaders and team members be more appreciative and aware of how we listen to one another, our own state of mind and how to ask questions and make less assumptions.


Adult Educator,

This course is for everyone who talks to other people.
It gave simple and good perspectives on many of the hidden aspects of a good conversation. It is short, efficient and fun. It can have impact on all aspects on your life.

The Better Conversations Back Story

Pioneered and developed over years in the crucible of a fast-paced growing technology company, the Better Conversations Program was initially an in-house solution to the real need of senior management for everyone in the company to have and use better communications skills.

The upside of diverse teams is innovation and creativity; the downside can be a toxic mix of conflict, misunderstanding and frustrations – that damage productivity, profitability and team moral.

The in-house solution worked so well that the Better Conversations Program has been launched into the wider world (after extensive piloting and testing to make sure it was fit for purpose in other organisational settings) so people-centric leaders and their teams can benefit from being happier, more focused and effective in their everyday communications and work life.

Experience shows that the solutions to better workplace conversations had to be practical, simple and easy to implement, otherwise they just wouldn’t gain traction and be effective and so

Choice of Two Programs

Fast Track Program

5 Session Option

Intensive Program

12 Session Option


NOUN: talk between two or more people in which thoughts, feelings, and ideas are expressed, questions are asked and answered, or news and information is exchanged